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Meetings are usually in the upper geosci conference room (Hinds 451). They take place generally on Mondays at 3 pm.

Other exoplanet-themed talks and events at UChicago, beyond this reading group, are shown in double brackets.

Schedules from past years: 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014

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[edit] Spring 2015


Batygin & Laughlin - Jupiter's Decisive Role in the Inner Solar System's Early Evolution

Demory et al. - HST transit search for Alpha Cen Bb

Raddi et al. - Likely detection of water-rich asteroid debris in a metal-polluted white dwarf

Goldblatt - Habitability of waterworlds


Batygin & Laughlin, continued discussion

Batygin et al. - Dynamical Evolution of Multi-Resonant Systems: the Case of GJ876

Schwartzman - The Case for a Hot Archean Climate and its Implications to the History of the Biosphere

Pillitteri et al. - FUV flaring and potential accretion on HD189733

Maxted et al. - A comparison of gyrochronological and isochronal age estimates for transiting exoplanet host stars


Kepler phase curves of hot Jupiters: Shporer & Hu & Hu et al.

Tremaine - The statistical mechanics of planet orbits


Holczer et al. - Time variation of Kepler transits induced by stellar rotating spots

Sanchis-Ojeda et al. - K2 discovery of a two-tailed disintegrating planet??


Kreidberg et al. - A Detection of Water in the Transmission Spectrum of the Hot Jupiter WASP-12b and Implications for its Atmospheric Composition

Lewis et al. - Extrasolar Binary Planets II: Detectability by Transit Observations

Martins et al. - Evidence for a spectroscopic direct detection of reflected light from 51 Peg b


Nelson et al. - An Empirically Derived Three-Dimensional Laplace Resonance in the Gliese 876 Planetary System

Fulton et al. - Three Super-Earths Orbiting HD 7924

Wolfgang et al. - Probabilistic Mass-Radius Relationship for Sub-Neptune-Sized Planets


Francesca Valsecchi (Northwestern)


Migaszewski - On the migration of two planets in a disc and the formation of mean motion resonances

Benneke - Strict Upper Limits on the Carbon-to-Oxygen Ratios of Eight Hot Jupiters from Self-Consistent Atmospheric Retrieval


Soubiran & Militzer - Miscibility calculations for water and hydrogen in giant planets

Greco & Burrows - The Direct Detectability of Giant Exoplanets in the Optical

Demory et al. - Variability in the super-Earth 55 Cnc e


Martin et al. - No circumbinary planets transiting the tightest Kepler binaries

Stark et al. - Lower Limits on Aperture Size for an ExoEarth-Detecting Coronagraphic Mission

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