Winter 2015

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Recent arXiv papers:

Vanderburg et al. - new super-Earth discovered from K2 data

Dressing et al. - mass measurement of Kepler-93b

Ngo et al. - Friends of Hot Jupiters direct imaging survey

1/12, 1:30 PM, LASR conference room

Talk by Michael Meyer (UTH Zurich): "Building a Predictive Theory of Planet Formation: Extrapolation versus Phenomenology in the Era of Direct Imaging."


Fred Ciesla on his latest publication: Sulfurization of Iron in the Dynamic Solar Nebula and Implications for Planetary Compositions

Recent results on the XO-2 system: Demasso et al. 2015, Teske et al. 2015


Recent arXiv papers:

Mazeh et al. - Kepler photometric amplitudes & spin-orbit alignments

Campante et al. - Kepler-444 system


Leconte et al. - asynchronous rotation of low-mass, close-in planets

Glein et al. - serpentinization & H2 generation on Enceladus


Montanes-Rodriguez et al. - transmission spectroscopy of Jupiter

Wordsworth - Atmospheric heat redistribution and collapse on tidally locked rocky planets

Cowan et al. - ExoPAG white paper on transmission spectroscopy


Pfyffer et al. - Theoretical models of planetary system formation. II. Post-formation evolution

Schwarz et al. - Evidence against a strong thermal inversion in HD 209458 b from high-dispersion spectroscopy

Fleming et al. - The APOGEE Spectroscopic Survey of Kepler Planet Hosts: Feasibility, Efficiency, and First Results

Tang & Dauphas - Low 60Fe abundance in Semarkona and Sahara 99555


Titos Matsakos on "Classification of magnetized star-planet interactions: bow shocks, tails, and inspiraling flows"


Edwin Kite on the KITP conference at UCSB

Schwartz & Cowan - energy budgets of hot Jupiters

Anglada-Escude & Tuomi - GJ 581d returns


Robertson et al. - maybe GJ 581d doesn't return after all

Barman et al. - directly imaged spectra of HR 8799b