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[edit] Exoplanet Reading Group

What we do: Those interested in Extrasolar Planets at U of Chicago get together to discuss the latest papers. Papers that are particularly exciting, our own papers, and papers that motivate our research are all on the table.

Who we are: Faculty members, postdocs, grad students, or even visitors, attend and may lead the discussion. Due to the topic of the group, we are mainly drawn from the Astrophysics and Geosciences departments.

When and where: We generally meet weekly on Mondays at 3 pm. The forum for these meetings will typically be 451 Hinds.

Sign up here for the email list, if you are local and want to hear about meeting announcements.

[edit] Click for: Current schedule

Past years: 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014

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